June, 2021

6 years ago in 2014, the vision for a CRCLR house was born from a wish to provide creative working space for the growing circular economy community in Berlin. After a first prototyping phase that lasted until 2018, CRCLR was able to design the plans for the future CRCLR House with one goal: to build affordably from reused materials. TRNSFRM eG, the building cooperative in charge of the construction was founded out of these premises in 2016.

Fast forward 5 years, we are very excited to share that the newly built CRCLR House will re-open its doors in November 2021. We, the initiating group, have decided that we will no longer be operating the space hence we found a fantastic organisation to take over the CRCLR House. The team from Impact Hub Berlin will welcome its members in the co-working and lab facilities of the CRCLR House and will run a program focusing on 4 themes: diversity and inclusion, sustainable food, green technology, and the circular economy.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported us over the years. Without you, the vision for a CRCLR House would never have come to life.

If you are interested in being part of the CRCLR House, get in touch with Impact Hub Berlin.

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Project Initiators

Alice co-founded CRCLR GmbH, a think and do tank for the circular economy, TRNSFRM eG, a sustainable construction cooperative and CRCLR Living, a community co-housing project. She is passionate about supporting founders and intrapreneurs as a coach and advising companies and policy makers on social and environmental change. Previously, Alice has worked in the recycling industry for ALBA Group implementing recycling solutions in Europe and the Middle East.

Laurence’s work focuses on re-thinking systems to create more equitable and socially just structures, placing joy and community values at its center. As CRCLR co-founder, Laurence was in charge of managing the house’s operations and its team. Previously, Laurence has worked in the e-commerce sector for 10 years.

Having worked in banking, startups and finance, Simon is passionate about pursuing innovative business projects and bringing this back to Neukölln his home turf. As co-founder at CRCLR he worked on finance, legal and strategy. Now, he’s still working for TRNSFRM to finish the buildings.

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