EVENT: Paivapo: African Story Night "First Loves"

Paivapo, a Shona word meaning Once Upon a Time, is a reminder to take the time to listen and learn from African stories in the modern age. The African Story Series was started as a way to share stories of Africans living in the European diaspora, and to create a safe space for African diaspora and people with ties to Africa to share experiences from home, Germany, and the world. The Series seeks to build a better understanding of the African diasporan experience and create a language of compassion for the challenges this community faces. The story nights are held monthly in Berlin and they are open to those who are also open to listening.

This September’s theme is First Loves: Join us as we hear stories about falling in love in our community. 

This will be a safe space and we reject any form of discrimination, intolerance or violence.