CRCLR is a Think- and Do Tank and stands for “circular”, as in the opposite of “linear” or “take, make, waste”. We believe that in order to address today’s grand challenges such as inequality and climate change, we need to change our current way of doing things. That’s why we develop spaces and concepts following circular principles, and can also support you in making your projects and processes more circular.


The CRCLR mission is to catalyse the transition towards a circular economy. A circular economy is an economy which by design has a positive environmental and social impact at its core. Taking natural processes as inspiration, there is no such thing as waste. Every material can be transformed into something else, every process is designed as a closed loop. At CRCLR, we apply our ideas and experience to help create a more circular future.

“Berlin’s ground zero for all things circular.” Exberliner, 2016

Our first step in 2016 was to open up the CRCLR House Neukölln as a physical space for all things circular. Between 2016 and 2018, we ran a year round program open to all age groups and people from different professional backgrounds. Here, you could learn about circular practices as applied to various fields. Our program equipped change makers with the knowhow needed to develop circular solutions. At the moment, CRCLR Neukölln is under construction and will open its doors again in 2020 - with even more space for circular living, working and learning. Find out more about the construction process here.


“The CRCLR team has created a unique, open space to explore creative community-based solutions to systemic global problems. It’s the place to be for all things circular in Berlin.” Joe Iles, Ellen MacArthur Foundation