The circular economy model is inspired by nature’s own ecosystem, resilience and longevity. Waste does not exist in nature. A circular economy ensures an economic system where no materials are wasted. Instead, they are managed in closed loops. Products are designed and built so that after consumption they can be reused, refurbished or repurposed. For more on circular economy, please read this.

We integrate the concept of circular economy to almost everything that we do. Find out more about how we work here.

Send us an email at [email protected] or take a look at our team and get in touch with a specific team member.

Are you a freelancer or organisation in need of a place to work? Our CRCLR House Neukölln is under construction in 2019, but we’ll open our doors again in 2020. While waiting, you can sign up for our mailing list here.

If you wish to stop by to see the space come to one of our events or feel free to book a tour.

Check out our event page and see what opportunities we have for hosting events. It’s important that you fill out all the required fields in order for us to find the best possible match for you.   

Rollbergstrasse 26 or Am Sudhaus 2 - both addresses lead to us! We are located across the KINDL Brewery.

If you come with the Ubahn it’s U8 to Boddinstrasse or U7 to Rathaus Neukölln.

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CRCLR comes from circular, which is an abbreviation for Circular Economy. Find out more on circular economy here.

 The CRCLR House is a Berlin based center for circular economy practices. Find out more on the CRCLR house here.

Circular [ sˈɜːkjʊlə]

Perhaps you’ve heard about our collection of used items and goods for our ReUse Pop-Up Store. However, this was (for now!) temporary. If you would like to donate goods that you don’t need any more but someone else might, feel free to check out this site by the BSR: A list of places that take used goods, clothing, furniture and other items.