Meet the team

We’d like to introduce you to the CRCLR team. What brings us together is our shared belief in a circular economy and its potential for positive impact in the world. We dare to think outside of the box. Our approach is to combine boldness with creativity along with a generous serving of business acumen in order to build long lasting circular solutions.

Come by & meet us.

As a Business Developer Alice has traveled to the fringes of global markets and is dedicated to circular economy principles. At CRCLR she works on the program, stakeholder management and strategy.

Laurence decided to bring her background in digital marketing and interest in sustainability together. She is in charge of operations and communication at CRCLR.

Born in Neukölln Michael Hofmann has gained experience as a plumber, electrician and a mason while working on construction sites all over Germany. He works as facility manager at the CRCLR House.

Having worked in banking, startups and fundraising, Simon is passionate about pursuing innovative business projects and bringing this back to Neukölln his home turf. At CRCLR he works on finance, legal matters and strategy.

Being a passionate changemaker, Janna has worked in journalism, the educational sector and various NGOs. Now she builds up the CRCLR Agency, which is at the forefront of putting a truly Circular Economy into practice: from consulting to hands-on implementation.