Meet the team

We’d like to introduce you to the CRCLR team! What brings us together is our shared belief in a circular economy and its potential for positive impact in the world. We dare to think outside of the box. Our approach is to combine boldness with creativity along with a generous serving of business acumen in order to build long lasting circular solutions.

Come by & meet us.

As a Business Developer Alice has traveled to the fringes of global markets and is dedicated to circular economy principles. At CRCLR she works on the program, stakeholder management and strategy.

Having worked in social enterprises and humanitarian contexts, Felix is enthusiastic about combining and contributing to the economic, ecological and social value of the projects he joins. At CRCLR, he is head of business administration.

Laurence decided to combine her background in digital marketing and the building of processes and teams with her interest in sustainability. At CRCLR, she works on organizational and strategic business development.

Having worked in banking, startups and fundraising, Simon is passionate about pursuing innovative business projects and bringing this back to Neukölln his home turf. At CRCLR he works on finance, legal matters and strategy.

With a background in Cultural Studies, Kathleen has worked as producer and editor in TV, film, radio and the Arts and Culture sector - both overseas and in Germany. She is a storyteller and maker, driven to inspire for positive change. Bringing ideas and people together, creating spaces and sharing new knowledge are her topics at CRCLR.

Having studied Economics with a focus on sustainable waste management, Vilma-Lou believes in developing sustainable business models for change. Vilma-Lou works on “Schön wie wir”, a Berlin-Neukölln based initiative raising awareness for waste reduction and offering consulting services to local gastronomies and companies.