Our Story

The CRCLR House is a Berlin based center for circular economy practices. Established in 2016 as Berlin’s first circular economy hub, we invite like-minded individuals and institutions to meet, exchange ideas and collaborate around circular economy projects. We believe that a different way of living and working together is both necessary and possible.

We also believe that circular economy principles are central to designing such a system. At its essence, a circular economy represents a new way of looking at the relationships between markets, customers and natural resources, and thus eliminating the very concept of ‘waste’ and recognizing everything has a value.

This is why we have opened Berlin’s first Circular Economy House as a catalyst for this change.

“Berlin’s ground zero for all things circular.” Exberliner, 2016

At the CRCLR House we run a year round program open to all age groups and people from different professional backgrounds where you can learn about circular practices as applied to various fields. Our program equips change makers with the knowhow needed to develop circular solutions.

Some of these change makers have already established their headquarters in the CRCLR House’s co-working space and the workshop. Find out more about the CRCLR House here and say hi.

At the CRCLR House we incorporate our values into everything we do-from the construction of our space, to the themes we cover in our program, to the people and the projects we collaborate with.

“The CRCLR team has created a unique, open space to explore creative community-based solutions to systemic global problems. It’s the place to be for all things circular in Berlin.” Joe Iles, Ellen MacArthur Foundation