CRCLR Agency

Alice Grindhammer

[email protected]

The Agency is CRCLR’s task force for creating innovative and circular solutions. We collaborate with various partners who seek to improve their environmental and increase their social impact. From organizations wanting to redesign one business segment or their processes in general, all the way to urban development – the CRCLR agents support the development, implementation and documentation of circular change processes and practices.

Based on the experience and knowledge CRCLR has gained through their diverse activities in the past years, the Agency offers project development, consulting, as well as hands-on implementation services: closing loops, avoiding waste, finding synergies. Our aim is to implement circular practices and projects that work in the long run, and to increase the overall awareness about circular economy and sustainable topics. We want to bring the circular economy to life.


Reference projects include “Schön wie wir”, an initiative by the Bezirksamt Neukölln, that consults with local gastronomies on zero waste solutions and sustainable “to-go” packaging. CRCLR was also commissioned by the Senate Department for the Environment, Transport, and Climate Protection, to implement and test a warehouse for reused goods, and is involved in the initiative “Sauberes Berlin”, part of a comprehensive campaign for zero-waste efforts in Berlin.