Interview: Valentin Thurn

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Last year we were honoured with the presence of award winning  documentary filmmaker Valentin Thurn, the writer and director of the 2010 documentary Taste the Waste and the 2015 documentary 10 Billion - What will we eat tomorrow?.

Valentin is also the co-founder of the nation-wide food sharing platform and of the International Federation of Environmental journalists. We caught up with him to ask him a few questions.


Why are you here at the CRCLR House today?

As a filmmaker I am searching for interesting visions and ideas for the future, and I have the feeling that something is in the making here. Tonight I’ve just felt the vibe and the atmosphere, and I think there’s a lot of energy here. That’s great. I’m looking for protagonists for my next cinema film which I will begin to film in the summer next year.


What is your personal relationship to circular economy ideas?

Unfortunately, a circular economy is still an utopia. But I do think it’s a necessary vision, because it’s a fact that we can’t continue with the resource consumption that we have today. It’s strange: Everybody knows it but we continue to do it anyway.


Do you think that a circular economy can save the world?

 At the moment we’re eating our children’s future. I believe that a circular economy could help implement a healthy standard of living  and prevent us from using more resources than are actually available.