From Waste To Space


Building Cycle




community habitat

How does one build an entire structure made from waste? This task has been in the centre of our attention and we are currently in the process of realization of a completely new prototype made of waste material.

We – means a team of 36 students – working on this matter as part of our on-going seminar Building Cycle, a project of the Natural Building Lab at the School of Architecture at Technische Universität Berlin in cooperation with Stiftung Edith Maryon (land owner), Agora Baut eG, Gesundheitskollektiv Berlin, Zuhause e.V. , CRCLR House, re4 (EU research project) and Hütten und Paläste Architekten.

Together with the team of the Natural Building Lab Chair we have autonomously been designing this project and currently are in the process of preparing the realization of this Design Build Project which will hopefully lead to the completion by us in the next couple of months.

Mainly by contributing to sustainability but also by linked the VOLLGUT area internally and externally with it´s surrounding neighbourhood we would like to offer a space for participation in-between the existing structures and offer a room where people can get involved with each other, meet and interact as well as actively contribute to the development and use of it.
Two of the main features of this structure are meant to be the use of sustainable materials and reversible construction elements. 
It is meant to lead the attention to the current situation, where 60 % of waste is created by the building industry due to carless deconstruction of buildings and therefor a thoughtless waste of possible resources. 
Our project aims to intervene and tries to show solutions on a small and local scale. Therefore circular building is a visionary concept that will be more and more established.

To get involved with the concept of circular building and contribute to this concept we have been analysing a variety of different materials and have come up with possible ways to reuse and reconfigure these, to use them in our construction. 
Insulation made of paper, roof tiles made from shredded plastic, cladding made of pieces of scrap metal, roofing made of bottles and cans, are a view of the innovative concepts of use we have come up with.
From many sources we have been collecting these resources necessary for our building: paper we found at university, fruit boxes from local supermarkets, and wooden beams from building demolitions are examples of sources. 

In February we`ll be starting with the construction of our prototype on the KINDL-Area in Neukölln.