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Haven’t heard of the Project Building Cycle yet? Get to know more about the background here.

After an insightful Kick Off Party on February the 9th 2018, the planning phase of our project Baubude is now coming to an end and the process enters the next stage:
As a matter of fact we are going to build the pavilion with our own hands on the Kindl–Areal starting beginning of March!

In the last few weeks our vision of building a sustainable house out of recycled materials is taking shape by collectively questioning, discussing, overturning and thinking forward in weekly morning panels.

The built prototype as a meeting place is supposed to unite all the single players and neighbours under one roof. The single–room with four niches for cooking, working, relaxing and warming up around the fireplace should serve as a space for workshops and lectures, but also as a place of gathering and coming together for the whole neighbourhood. Also the outer space with the wooden platform around the building, raised flower beds and benches encourages visitors to linger and join workshops or urban gardening sessions.

During the production of the single building components we are moving away from conventional, non–reversible practices and develop new methods in an DIY–approach to re–integrate the materials in the building cycle:
The girder grid, out of wooden beams from deconstruction sites, forms the roof whose circumferential overhang protects the walls which are attached by posters, plans and plots. They are arranged in moduls consisting of stacked paperback fruit boxes filled with shredded paper as a building insulation in order to use the Baubude throughout the whole year. Also the windows out of old glass plates were developed by our team and consist of self–built wooden frames with a seal of inner bicycle tubes.

© Maria Nesterowa

At our Kick Off Party on a cold February day, a first prototype of a wall–module with a roof cut–out was built up at a scale of 1:1 on its future location. Everybody got the possibility to attach wishes and ideas for the building up on the module. This should not only bring luck for the building’s future, but also symbolize the participative process and the involvement of the neighbourhood into the development of the project.

© imaging dissent

From the beginning our project was developed and thought forward by many supporters – from contracting authorities and players, from experts and sponsors to neighbours as well as future users of the Baubude. By now our network reaches far beyond the TU faculty of architecture and the project grows with new decisions, requests and ideas.

As we want to continue this participative process we are happy to welcome all curious people to watch and take part in the construction phase starting on the Kindl–Areal at the beginning of March! Stay updated on the further development and get in touch with us if you are interested to join the process.