What is a heritable building right?

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“There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. We are all crew.” - Marshall McLuhan

Exciting times are ahead of us! After four years of work and a lot of support from you, we were able to sign a 99 year lease on the CRCLR house.

But what is a heritable building right?

An heritable building lease describes the transfer of the right of use from the owner, in our case the Edith Maryon Foundation, to the ground leaseholder (our building cooperative) for 99 years. In return, we pay a ground rent and have a building and maintenance obligation. The heritable building right means that the land can be effectively withdrawn from speculation and permanently used for the common good of society without the barriers to entry being increased by rising prices over time. This is almost revolutionary, especially in times of extremely fast-rising rents, and we would like to see more heritable building rights for public interest projects and social housing in Berlin.

In concrete terms, the heritable building lease means that we can secure our location for the Circular Economy House, which is oriented towards the public interest, for the next 99 years. We hope that this is enough time to initiate and drive forward the transformation from a linear to a circular economy in Neukölln.

The heritable building lease entails not only the right of use but also the obligation to build. For example, we are now working together with architects and planners on a comprehensive educational journey to develop a circular construction method and utilisation concepts for the CRCLR house based on it. With the CRCLR House, a prototype for sustainable living and working is being built in the middle of Berlin-Neukölln - guided by principles of the circular economy. Further construction projects - also in rural areas - are planned.