Around the world, the awareness for circular ideas and products grows. So does the public interest - which, of course, makes us from CRCLR very happy! What we ourselves have been missing at times is a space where we don’t necessarily immediately find circular solutions or jump into designing more circular products, but where we can imagine and explore what a more circular future could actually look like.

In our view, making our world more circular means nothing less than changing our whole system, which requires a shift of mind, in ourselves and in our communities. That’s why we developed our workshop format CIRCULAR FUTURES: a series of community workshop series on how to imagine and work on a more circular future together. 

This year, we’re offering five sessions, each focusing on specific aspects of a Circular Future: from Co-Imagining a Circular Future with Dr. Leyla Acaroglu (June 2019) and Building a Circular Society with German activists and innovators (July 2019), over Circular Education (September 2019), Circular Construction (November 2019) and Circular Cities (December 2019). The workshops are hosted by CRCLR, free of charge, connecting experts from various disciplines and backgrounds across the city. We are also planning to organize free tours over the construction site of CRCLR Neukölln, to help show how a more circular way of building may look like. Save the date: The first tour will take place in the frame of Klimatag Berlin, 27th of October 2019!

For both these engagements, we receive generous support from EIT Climate KIC and the European Union, and would like to thank them as our partners!