A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business

Henry Ford, Economist

Our financial system is dictated by numbers and far too many decisions are made in smoke filled rooms. If we were to include environmental externalities in the balance sheets many industries would actually show huge net losses.

There is a huge gap between the way we make financial decisions and the way we operate as a society. In society we try to take values, visions and the common good into account when making decisions. This is not done in the financial world.

Just think of how education, healthcare, environmental protection, art and culture are chronically under financed but play such an important role for the quality of our lives.

What needs to shift in the financial sector so that it actively contributes to systemic change?

We feel it’s necessary to introduce qualitative measures into the decision making process. How do we evaluate projects on more than just their profit potential? What financial assistance can banks initiate to support social impact projects?

The CRCLR Finance program investigates the future of social impact finance. When we speak about money, we don’t talk about the medium but about what it can enable in terms of social equality, environmental regeneration and a transition toward a circular economy. In this section you can find articles and events on impact finance. Chime in.