Open Source

At the CRCLR House we believe it is the right time to rethink and redesign the way we live and work together in a transparent way.


Circular economy is the framework we choose to develop creative solutions. Using open source as the tool for this transformation means that the entire system can benefit.



Open Source is the tool we need to reach systemic change



Open Source is a decentralised development model, which encourages collaboration. It is largely applied in the software industry where 26% of all websites are currently using open source code sharing . Examples such as Mozilla and Wordpress show us that is not a freebee but a business model, even a pretty good one! Moreover it has enabled concepts to spread on a global scale in a very short time. This is in sharp contrast with the 2.7 million patent applications which slow down or block the sharing of information yearly.


How can we apply this tool to facilitate the transformation towards a circular economy?


We believe Open Source facilitates collaboration between actors in a circular economy. By decentralising the innovation process, people are empowered to develop local real-life solutions. This way we can accelerate systemic transformation.


Just imagine being a farmer and having access to the building plans of your machines for free. You could work with local partners such as fab labs to adapt them according to your needs or produce spare parts.


At CRCLR we come together to rethink how to open existing business models. Whether you are a creative, techie, interested neighbour, entrepreneur or industrial this is for you. You’ll get the latest news and tools to use in real-life. Below you will find articles and events on our open source program culminating in our annual event OSCEdays. Join us!