CONFERENCE: OSCEdays Berlin 2017

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29.06.2017 @ 19:00


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CRCLR has been hosting the Berlin community of The Open Source Circular Economy Days (OSCEdays) since 2015. The OSCEdays are made up by an inspiring global community and is a platform for experimenting, sharing and implementing concrete solutions for the transition to a sustainable circular economy which is exactly what CRCLR is about.

The OSCEdays consists of a global community of creative people, innovators, businesses and institutions committed to developing hacks, solutions and ultimately contributing to a system change from a linear to a circular economy, and thereby regenerative lifestyle.

The OSCEdays started in 2015 when Open Source- and Circular Economy activists came together in Berlin and discussed the potential of connecting both movements and schools of thought in order to jointly foster the cause and find solutions leading to a circular economy. In line with the Open Source methodology, they opened up their conversation to a wider, a global public. It was as simple as setting up an online forum. The forum is the space that all people can join, ask questions, and document their insights. It’s also a place to share and produce knowledge in a collaborative and open way. Over time an ongoing body of knowledge will be created. Imagine it as a massive library with openly shared solutions for a circular economy. Here is a blog post explaining how the forum works.

Creative people, innovators, businesses and institutions joined this conversation on Open Source Circular Economy that was started in Berlin but soon became global. The culminating point was a decentralized conference in 33 cities on five continents, which took place during 4 days in June 2015. During these four days people from across the world worked on hacks and solutions with the intention to contribute to a shift in our economy toward an Open Source Circular Economy. The results were documented here.

In 2017 theOSCEdays Berlin will take place on the last weekend of June at CRCLR. The event is free and open to everyone. The theme of theOSCEdays Berlin 2017 is the “Circular City” because we want to make the outcomes tangible and practical. Let’s find the solutions which will create a circular city together and begin to implement them in our neighbourhoods and communities.

A future-oriented city is based on efficient infrastructures, modular buildings and a diverse population which is interrelated and learns from each other. Open source and circular economy are key philosophies for the development of new concepts of design, production and utilization. At the OSCEdays 2017 we will test out new forms of living and working and investigate how material flows between various actors in the city is enabled.

Through assemblies, workshops and lectures, you will be able to get to know innovative solutions and to try them out right on the spot during the OSCEdays. The program for the event will be build collaboratively through input by its participants. Would you like to help shape the program, have an idea that you would like to introduce or a workshop you would like to offer?

Then read our call for participants and get in contact with us!