EXPERIMENTDAYS: Workshops, Pitches, Exhibitions @ECHH


07.10.2017 @ 9:30


Free entry


ID22, Stiftung trias, Stiftung Edith Maryon, UrbanPlus, TU Delft

European CoHousing and Community-Led projects, professionals, researchers and activists will gather in Berlin in October 6 – 7, 2017 to present and discuss current initiatives and strategies in the framework of the EXPERIMENTDAYS 17. The European Collaborative Housing Hub invites you to get to know and work with the international self-organized housing movement. These two days will emphasize exchanging experiences regarding implemented projects as well as ideas that are emerging in many different cities and regions.


9.30 am

Coffee, breakfast and informal mixing.

10.30 am

Eight workshops with projects, research, strategies, networks.

2.45 pm

European Network presentations, international and national organizations.

3.30 pm

Four workshops, projects, research, strategies, networks.

5.30 pm

Closing round, conclusions and discussion moderated by id22 & urbaMonde,with Stiftung Trias, Stiftung Edith Maryon, UrbanPlus, TU Delft.

6.30 pm

Drinks & snacks. Networking.

6.30 pm

Lesung “Siebenstock Dorf” - Authorin Barbara Nothegger ließt aus ihren neuen Buch (in German)

7.30 pm

Film Screening: Documentary about the ‘Teepee Land’ alternative settlement.

A film by Catherine Ricoul (in French and English)