EXPERIMENTDAYS: Book Launch & European Collaborative Housing Award @ECHH


06.10.2017 @ 17:00


Free entry


habitat community

European CoHousing and Collaborative Housing projects, professionals, researchers and activists will gather during the EXPERIMENTDAYS17 in Berlin (October 6 – 7) to present and discuss current initiatives and strategies in the framework for scaling up collaborative housing. 

Meet us in Berlin and join the international collaborative housing movement!

Since the first edition in 2003, the EXPERIMENTDAYS17 have been a platform for sharing innovative ideas and practices that contribute to transforming contemporary city-making. 

More information on: www.experimentdays.de

5.00 pm
for Discussions and Workshops

5.30 pm
Welcome and Introductions
with CRCLR, urbaMonde, id22, Stiftung trias

6.00 pm
Book Launch: ‘CoHousing Inclusive: Self-Organized, Community-Led Housing for All’ 
with id22

6.30 pm
Four Parallel Discussions
with CoHousing Inclusive Visionary Strategies

7.30 pm
European Collaborative Housing Award Ceremony & Discussions
with urbaMonde & Building and Social Housing Foundation

Awarded projects:
Cenni Di Cambiamento, Italy
Older Women’s Cohousing Community “New Ground”, UK
Village Vertical Villeurbanne, France
Wohnprojekt Wien, Austria

9.00 pm
Drinks & Snacks. Networking