The Beginning of Our Endless Love


27.10.2017 @ 20:00


Door: pay what you can from 5€ to 15 €


directed by SJ Rahatoka with Indigo Raẏne, Dot Bat, Roxane Rahatoka, Ziggy Allen, Naimah Fomo, Ari Robey-Lawrence, Polly Jean, Mimii Blue Rose and Elliot Blue



How to get there

Rollbergstrasse 26
12053 Berlin 

U7 Rathaus Neukölln
U8 Boddinstrasse

Buses 104 and 166 Morusstrasse

The Beginning of Our Endless Love is a play that explores the archetypal polarities of life: divine and animal; masculine and feminine; darkness and light; sexuality and spirituality, mind and soul. We combine a reflection about personal, political and spiritual empowerment with movement, theatre, music and video. In essence, the play is a journey from fear to love.

Between the Darkness and the Light of the club, souls meet, loose themselves and each other, dance, fall in love, and just as a long forgotten promise, find each other again for a dance between Earth and Sky.