The Beginning of Our Endless Love


27.10.2017 @ 20:00


Door: pay what you can from 5€ to 15 €


directed by SJ Rahatoka with Indigo Raẏne, Dot Bat, Roxane Rahatoka, Ziggy Allen, Naimah Fomo, Ari Robey-Lawrence, Polly Jean, Mimii Blue Rose and Elliot Blue



The Beginning of Our Endless Love is a play that explores the archetypal polarities of life: divine and animal; masculine and feminine; darkness and light; sexuality and spirituality, mind and soul. We combine a reflection about personal, political and spiritual empowerment with movement, theatre, music and video. In essence, the play is a journey from fear to love.

Between the Darkness and the Light of the club, souls meet, loose themselves and each other, dance, fall in love, and just as a long forgotten promise, find each other again for a dance between Earth and Sky.