EVENT: Berlin Feminist Film Week 2018

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09.03.2018 @ 19:00


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The Berlin Feminist Film Week is a film festival with focus on feminist and intersectional perspectives. As of now, the patriarchy controls storytelling and most films are made from a white cis-male perspective. Women, PoC and queer filmmakers are underrepresented in front as well as behind the camera and we think that everyone deserves to be represented and truly represented in the stories the world gets to see. Not only at big festivals but in cinemas, there is a true lack of diversity and though our festival is small, we hope that we can inspire others to change this.

We seek to increase visibility for all femtastic filmmakers out there and highlight films with interesting, complex female characters and films which challenge existing gender norms. Our focus is mainly on film made by non-cis-gendered men, as they already have enough ground in the film industry.

We welcome every film fan, cinema-goer, feminist and non-feminist to enjoy the Berlin Feminist Film Week. The 5th edition of the Berlin Feminist Film Week will take place from March 8th to 14th 2018.

Find the entire program here.