EVENT: Guckst du Kinoklub Open Air - The Man Who Fell From Earth

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05.07.2018 @ 21:00


Online: 6.50€

Door: 6.50€


Tanja Bresan, Nomadenkino



Our monthly movie nights “Guckst du” goes into the next round, organised by Tanja Bresan.

This time in collaboration with Nomadenkino and Open Air.

Tanja Bresan is a film enthusiast with a master degree in cultural management, lives and works in Berlin. Tanja is eager to explore and show (or program) movies that are dealing with sustainability and circular economy principles.

We show films on the topics such as environment, human interaction with nature, sustainable energies, social issues. Movies, feature or documentaries that forces us to question our actions and ruminate our place on Planet Earth.


This Guckst Du Edition will screen Open Air:



The Men Who Fell To Earth (1975) - Nicolas Roeg

Fiction, Great Britain 1975
Director: Nicolas Roeg
Actors: David Bowie, Rip Torn, Candy Clark

The Men Who Fell To Earth is Nicolas Roegs vision of an alien seeking help for his home planet on Earth.

The alien Newton comes to Earth to provide urgently needed water for his home planet. After raising start-up capital with the sale of Goldringen in the USA, he and his lawyer Farnsworth set up a company to market high-tech patents. The company’s profit is to be used to build a large transport spaceship. But Newton’s contact with the business and consumer world creates enemies for him. As his loneliness increases, he discovers sex and alcohol and loses sight of his original goal.    

Watch the trailer here.

The Movie will be played in original language with German subtitles.