WORKSHOP: Circular Futures #5




29.11.2019 @ 10:30


Please note: The event is free of charge and you can register for the individual parts of the event. You can find an indication whether a registration via Eventbrite is necessary or not at the individual program items.


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Completion of the think tank series

In what world would we wake up tomorrow if it were circular? With this question we have made the addition to our thinking series Circular Futures. Together with you and our experts, we imagined and discussed, we developed ideas and searched for solutions. We dealt with how we learn, how we (want to) live, how we make society, how we build and live? 

With Circular Futures #5 we zoom out and take a look at the big picture - the circular city. 

We take a look at Berlin, the growing city where things are getting tighter and tighter, where affordable housing is scarce, where the air is bad, and summers are getting hotter and hotter. Berlin is a substitute here. Two thirds of the world’s population will live in cities in 2050. What does this mean for our coexistence, for nature, for the use of resources, for transport and food?

In Berlin, as elsewhere, answers to these questions have long been sought. And we invite you on a circular day trip through workshops, institutions, associations, and projects - we invite you to change makers who work on solutions to the great challenges of our time.

The program on Friday, November 29th works in such a way that you can register for the parts you are interested in. As always, the event is free of charge but registration is sometimes necessary. You can find out for which items this applies from the program below. 
You can also send us an email: [email protected]

We are looking forward to the completion of our journey into CIRCULAR FUTURES.
The future is circular - because there is no Planet B!




10:30: Flussbad Tour -  Registration via Eventbrite required
‘Flussbad Berlin’ stands for a future-oriented and joint use of a section of the Spreekanal in the centre of Berlin. Here, not only a biotope landscape and an area for the natural purification of the river water will be created, one should also be able to swim again in the inner-city Spree! More information can be found here.

12:00: Global climate strike “Neustart Klima” / #FridaysForFuture: -  Registration via Eventbrite welcomed
Shortly before the start of the World Climate Conference in Madrid, Fridays For Future calls for another “Global Climate Strike”. We will join the students and are calling for a circular future for all of us! Join us and let’s take to the streets together for the #NeustartKlima!

15:00: Visit of the C2C LAB Berlin - Registration via Eventbrite welcomed
The C2C LAB in Berlin is the world’s first inventory refurbishment according to Cradle to Cradle criteria and makes it a tangible and practical experience as an educational centre, NGO office and living laboratory. More information about the C2C LAB can be found here

17:00: Construction Site Tours CRCLR House - Registration via Eventbrite required
The house as a material store. Built for the future. In the best case a house that leaves a positive footprint. This is how the house of the future could look like if the construction sector, which today accounts for around 60% of waste generation in Germany, were to build circularly. The CRCLR house in Neukölln is a prototype for circular construction. A future place for circular economic practice, for work and life. We provide insight into the status quo of construction. 


No registration is necessary for the following events: 

CityLab Berlin - Exhibition: The City of Tomorrow.  
Circular Berlin’s Ecosystem Map - an interactive map that lists the more than 150 Berlin organizations and projects that are active in the field of circular economy. 
The exhibition is open Wednesday to Saturday from 10:00 to 17:00. More information can be found here.

ECF Farm System
This is resource-saving food production in Europe’s most modern urban aquaponics farm, in the middle of Berlin (Schöneberg). Attention, the free tour is already taking place on Thursday, November 28th at 16.00 o’clock. More information can be found here.

How to build sustainable cities of the future - Beam Podcast - audible at any time/ English! 
The creators of the Beam Podcast, Anne-Sophie Garrigou and Anna Siwecka, will discuss with their guests how to build and update sustainable cities.
Discussion partners: Carola Hein - Professor and Head of the Chair History of Architecture and Urban Planning, TU Delft; Chloé Pahud - CEO & Co-founder at Civocracy; Daniel Ringelstein - AIA, Director of Urban Design and Planning; Skidmore Owings & Merrill (SOM).

‘Stadtmachen in Mitte’:
Rethink Mitte. City makers! Take part in the event for the participative design of the Rathausforum, the open space in front of the red townhall. More information can be found here.
ATTENTION - This event already takes place on Thursday, November 28th, from 18-21:00 o’clock. 


We thank our funding partner EIT Climate-Kic for their support.