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Size: 30 sqm

Capacity: 20 people

Wifi: high speed

Equipment: upon request

Facilities: free access to meeting rooms, free coffee, tea

Catering and drinks: upon request

How to get there

Rollbergstrasse 26
12053 Berlin 

U7 Rathaus Neukölln
U8 Boddinstrasse

Buses 104 and 166 Morusstrasse
M41 to Rathaus Neukölln

Are you a freelancer, an entrepreneur, a project or a startup and want to join an inspiring community dedicated to circular economy?

Then our coworking space is ideal for you! We are a community of activists working on shifting our economy from linear to circular. We built our co-working space ourselves and thereby gave old bricks and a greenhouse a second life and designed our furniture open source and for disassembly, so that it can be repurposed for it’s third and fourth life.

Added to an open office for approximately 20 people, the CRCLR coworking has a really nice garden where you can go to take a break and the Greenhouses for your workshops.

If you would like to work from our coworking office, contact us to book a desk.