CRCLR Spaces

In order to accelerate the transition towards a more circular future, we build spaces that allow for such a future to be developed and explored. Our CRCLR houses are small pilot planets, gathering the growing community of changemakers to collaborate on all things circular through co-working and community events. At the moment, we’re working on two circular spaces, CRCLR Neukölln and CRCLR Pretschen.


+++ please note: CRCLR Neukölln is currently under construction. Therefore we are not able to accommodate any requests for our space until 2020. If you’d like to discuss future plans for 2020 with us, please send an e-mail to [email protected]! +++


Our CRCLR house in Neukölln will see a huge transformation and expansion in 2019: It will grow by 2 1/2 floors, getting more space for co-working, co-living and events. The building process is led by the cooperative TRNSFRM, co-piloting circular and resource-saving building in Berlin. For 2020, we dream of a greenhouse on the rooftop and plastic workshops on the ground floor.


Our second and new CRCLR house, a former apprentice home, will be built in Pretschen (Märkische Heide) from 2019 onwards. The house has been abandoned for many years and will now be brought back to life. With the joined forces of the CRCLR team and Pretschen locals, we will establish a circular retreat center. In the coming years, CRCLR Pretschen will not only get a fresh coat of paint, but also a new inner life and an extended garden, with a lot of space for locals and visitors to learn about circular economy, food, and wellbeing.