CRCLR Neukölln

The CRCLR [sˈɜːkjʊlə] House Neukölln is Berlin’s ground zero for all things circular. It is a platform and hub for a growing community of changemakers and knowledge exchange on circular economy.


+++ please note: CRCLR Neukölln is currently under construction. Therefore we are not able to accommodate any requests for co-working until 2020. If you’d like to discuss future plans for 2020 and onwards with us, please send an e-mail to [email protected]! We are very much looking forward to future collaborations! +++


Located in the heart of Neukölln, CRCLR Neukölln is on the premises of the former Kindl Brewery. A group of dedicated volunteers cleaned out the large hall in 2015 and built a modular infrastructure for co-working and events, using “material with a past”, such as old greenhouse walls, wooden planks from a former gym, market stand planes and construction fences to build new structures. Since its opening 2016, over 150 workshops, labs, conferences, markets and cultural events have contributed to raising awareness on Circular Economy.


In 2017, CRCLR signed a 99 year lease contract for the space with the property owner, the Edith Maryon Foundation. In other words: we have 97 years to go and change the system! As a start, CRCLR Neukölln will be under construction in 2019, adding two and a half more floors on top of the current space. We plan to reopen our doors in 2020, and will then be offering the circular community even more space for innovative ideas, events and collaboration.

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