CRCLR Pretschen

In 2019, a second CRCLR house will be built in the beautiful village of Pretschen in Brandenburg. The house, a former apprentice dorm which has been abandoned for many years, will now be brought back to life. With the joined forces of the CRCLR team and Pretschen locals, we will establish a circular retreat center.

The CRCLR activities in Pretschen and Berlin-Neukölln serve as foundation for new rural-urban connections. Here, new points of contact and exchange will unfold. Material, economic and social cycles can emerge. We plan to design and renovate the house according to circular principles, as well as to incorporate these principles in the cultural and social life of the house.

In the CRCLR Haus Pretschen, alternative working and living forms can be explored (co-living & co-working). The house will offer spaces to experiment with developing new products or incorporating old craftwork, creating meaningful exchanges and new knowledge. In the program we’re designing, the main focus will be on well-being and food in the context of organic farming.

Since late summer 2018, the CRCLR team has been working on a long-term, sustainable utilization concept for the space. We’re in close contact with the ecological and demeter-certified estate Landgut Pretschen. The villagers of Pretschen are warmly invited to participate in the development process as well. Want to know more? Say hello!

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