At the moment we are eating our children’s future. It is a fact that we can’t continue the current resource consumption.

Valentin Thurn, filmmaker

Food is one of the few things which all people have in common, locally and globally. Our current linear economic model for food production makes twice as much food available as we actually consume. What a waste. And, imagine, over 800 million people today are still suffering from hunger. This needs to change.

How can a circular framework for food production enable a more sustainable and equitable food supply?

At the CRCLR House we are addressing this problem. We want to implement solutions and offer answers to global issues by applying them on a smaller scale, thereby empowering our local community. Two of our key projects where we are currently putting this framework into practice are our mushroom lab and community garden.

We want to keep you informed about the latest developments in this area and offer you tools to make use of in real-life situations. Below you will find articles and events on circular food production. Come by the CRCLR House and support our mission.