At the CRCLR House we believe it is now the time to rethink and redesign how we live and work together in a better way. A circular economy model is the framework we have chosen to develop creative solutions, simply because life is just not linear!

We are currently focusing on seven themes in our CRCLR program as catalysts for this change. Habitat is one of these seven themes.

By 2030 over 78% of the German population will live in urban areas bringing our linear economic system of extraction, production and disposal to its environmental and social limits. Let’s take housing as an example. On the one hand, we lack affordable housing in Germany. We would need to build 380,000 new apartments each year until 2020 in order to satisfy demand.  On the other hand, the construction sector is one of the most resource-intensive economic sectors in Germany. It alone is responsible for over 52% of Germany’s waste.

What are socially and environmentally fair solutions for this problem?

Tackling this problem is by no mean an easy task. It involves a vast array of different topics: from the architecture and infrastructure of our cities and rural areas, to the way that utility services are designed to deal with waste management, water collection and transport, to name just a few.

We intend to offer valuable input on the latest developments in this field, and to suggest useful tools to make use of in real-life situations. And the exciting thing is, here at the CRCLR House we are actually testing these concepts ourselves. Below  you will find articles and events on circular habitat. Come by the CRCLR House and support our mission.